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Welcome to CDOJ Home page.

This is a online judge system for ACM/ICPC, and it currently runs at UESTC ACM Online Judge.

How to run the project in your own computer?

First of all, you need a i686 Linux and install openjdk8, gradle 4.4 and mysql5.5+ in your PC.

NOTE: version gradle should not equal to or greater than 4.6 because of a jacoco issue.

On the other hand, you need to install py-lrun-core first, by cloning the source code then run.

cd path/to/the/judge-core
git submodule init
git submodule update
make install

Then you can fetch sources from our repository, and run the commond below.

cd path/to/the/sources

# copy properties
cd trunk

# Set up database
# Note: please change the user name if needed
mysql -uroot -p < src/main/sql/uestcoj.sql


dbUser = your_database_user_name
dbPassword = your_database_password

# Static web resource path
staticResourcePath = static/

# Image directory location
imagesPath = static/images/

# Problem data path
dataPath = data/data/

# Path to save temporary files upload from client
uploadPath = data/upload/

# Judge core working path
judgeWorkPath = work/

Build project

# Note: You can setup database user name and password in command line
gradle -PdbUser=user -PdbPassword=password build

Run jetty server

gradle appRun

After that, you can visit localhost:8080 to get running demo.

How to help to enhance our project?

Version control system

We use git to do version control. For ALL developers, the first thing you should do is forking this project, and you can get the backup of this project in your own project list. Then you should set the upstream url for you own project:

git remote add upstream
git pull upstream master

When you need push your commits, please use Pull Request to do that, and we will review the changes.

Workflow overview

Set upstream -> Pull newest code from upstream -> Modify code -> Pull newest code from upstream -> Pull request to merge your code to master branch -> Admin accepted.

Before you send out a pull request, please use git pull upstream master sync your workspace.

NOTE: DON’‘T work on master branch, please checkout a new branch with a name that can simply describe your working purpose for your working.

Project tools

DTO builder
Tool path



User command line:

./ --entity=<entity name> --package=<package name> --class=<class name> \
--fields=<fields> --types=<types>

Or you can also use this command line:

./ -e <entity name> -p <package name> -c <class name> -f <fields> -t <types>
./ -e User -p user -c UserDTO -f userId,userName -t Integer,String
Be careful

the types and fields are joined by , and there are no white spaces in types and fields.

Authors and Contributors

Project owners: Ruins He(@ruinshe) and Yun Li(@mzry1992).